An Exquisite Collection of Artwork and Antique Toys Awaits All Dog Lovers

FORT WORTH, TX, July 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dog lovers beware: one visit to “It’s A Dog’s Life” at the DFW Elite Toy Museum will take much longer than you originally planned, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

And that is because there is so much to see, especially if you are a dog lover!

“It’s A Dog’s Life” is an exhibit of dog paintings as well as toys, collectibles and antiques. It is a cornucopia of treasures worth spending a few hours with. Not to mention, it is free to the public, dogs are welcome and it is taking place at DFW Elite Toy Museum.

The DFW Elite Toy Museum is located at 5940 Eden in Haltom City. This exhibition will run from January 15 through September 30. The museum is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The collection includes some of the most iconic dog-themed paintings in the world, featuring American and European painters from as far back as the Victorian era. This exhibit is all part of the Ron Sturgeon Collection.

One of those paintings is “Otter Hounds Working A Stream” by Reuben Ward Binks.

Binks was one of the most renowned painters of dogs in not only his native England but around the world. During his lifetime (1880-1950), Binks painted the dogs of three generations of the British Royal Family and also four successive monarchs. He also went to India and painted over 150 pictures of dogs in that country.

Often, Binks’ work included dogs in sporting events, more often than not during hunting adventures. Thus, “Otter Hounds Working A Stream” is a signature Binks painting. No matter whether Binks used dry point, etching, aquatint, pastel, or watercolor, a Binks painting is instantly recognizable worldwide.

Ron Sturgeon, the owner of DFW Elite Toy Museum, agrees. “Binks perfectly captures the magnificence of a sporting dog, the alertness, the willingness to please the master, the taut muscles ready for action . . . this is a beautiful painting.”

More paintings on display at the Museum include the following:
• “Defense of the Realm” by John Hayes
• “Good Shot” by Henry Wilkinson
• “Herding Day” by the Spanish School
• “Rover” by Colin Graeme Roee
• “Portrait of a Terrier with A Blue Bow” by E. Williams

And many, many more!

The DFW Elite Toy Museum began as a hobby for owner Ron Sturgeon, but Sturgeon soon realized that hobbies of collectibles were meant to be shared with the public. Thus, began the museum, originally designed as a toy car museum but which soon branched out to include other collectible and antique toy displays. The museum is free to the public and, to reflect Ron’s love of dogs, furry friends are always welcomed with open arms.

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