Haro-Lund introduces a new static mixing technology, which combines significantly better mixing, with an order of magnitude reduction in costs compared to the industry standard helical element by utilizing die cutting equipment for manufacturing.

STOCKTON, CA, January 03, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ —

How does it work?
The Haro-Lund mixing elements consist of a strip of material with small tabs partially punched out of the strip. The strip of material is then rolled into a tube resulting in a tube with small tabs poking in toward the center of the tube. By changing the size, thickness, shape, and pattern of the tabs, various types of mixing can be achieved.

High Speed Die Cutting Dramatically Lowers Part Costs
The heart of this innovation lies in the advanced static mixing elements crafted on high-speed die-cutting machines, making possible the production of tens of thousands of parts per hour. This breakthrough dramatically minimizes labor costs, presenting a game-changing advantage for manufacturers.

Unrivaled Mixing Performance
Most of the disposable mixing elements being marketed today are the standard helical type mixers. Our new prototype mixer dramatically outperforms helical mixers, mixing as well or better than the premium square type mixing nozzle. They will cost a tiny fraction of the cost of a helical element. The technology is scalable to any size mixing element.

Expanded Material Compatibility: A Catalyst for Innovation
One of the key advantages of Haro-Lund’s static mixing technology is its expanded material compatibility, surpassing the limitations of injection moldable materials. Elements can be made with a wide variety of plastics, metals, and coated materials. This flexibility proves pivotal, especially when the elements double as catalysts.

A Whole New World for Custom Designed Mixing Elements
Haro-Lund technology opens a whole new world of possibilities for custom designed static mixers for difficult mixing applications. Coupling our technology with modern CAD fluid flow analysis is a static mixing engineers dream come true.

Engineers can choose from a huge variety of materials and the new elements can be designed to duplicate various types of static mixers by changing the pattern and the shapes of the inwardly projecting tabs.

Low-Cost Tooling
Tooling costs are equally impressive. Tooling for die cutting machinery is far lower than injection mold tooling, typically amounting to a few hundred dollars and requiring only a week or two to produce. Low-cost tooling combined with a rapid prototyping capability ensures a quick time-to-market for manufacturers adopting Haro-Lund’s revolutionary static mixing element technology.

Global Impact Across Diverse Industries
The global market for this transformative technology is expansive and holds vast potential. Static mixers are ubiquitous in many industries including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, water treatment, food and beverage, adhesives and sealants, construction, building materials, automotive, aviation, medical, dental, and many more.

Haro-Lund proudly holds a PCT Patent No. US 11,285,448, covering the US, China, and Japan. For more information about our amazing new technology visit our website, Haro-Lund.com

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