Have you ever met a woman so passionate about her work? A woman that’s beautiful, educated, and compassionate about the needs of others? If you haven’t, then you haven’t met TaRhonda Harvey. I call her a triple-threat!

Q. Tell us a little about you?

I am a Business/Brand Consultant and Web Designer. I am passionate about ensuring that business owners at every stage have access to the resources and tools needed to create the business of their dreams. With over a decade of experience, I help grow brands with the use of technology and practical business savvy. My passion lies into taking a business idea and bringing it to life creatively.

Q. How many businesses do you have? And what are they?

I have three businesses, Kolmio Global, Inc, Kolmio Global Apparel and Bosses In Power. Kolmio Global is a creative agency specializing in business consulting, brand development, website design and marketing. Kolmio Global Apparel is an apparel line of custom expression t-shirts for men, women and youth. Bosses In Power is a network of men and women entrepreneurs. It is a platform for business owners to build business relationships while encouraging each other through this entrepreneurial journey. We aim to provide support to entrepreneurs through resources and marketing opportunities.

Q. What made you want to become an Entrepreneur?

I was motivated to start my own business because I wanted to provide myself with opportunities, security and development. I have always had a passion for working with individuals and companies so I wanted to do what I love on my own terms.

Q. What has been your greatest challenge as an Entrepreneur?

One of my greatest challenges is finding reliable staff. Being an owner of multiple businesses, having a team would be so helpful, but finding consistency in an individual has been difficult.

Q. What direction do you feel that we as women in business can do to continue to trailblaze for the next generation of women in business?

I believe that mentorship and collaboration could help our next generation of women in business. Entrepreneurship can be hard and lonely at times, but having a mentor that has been through the ups and downs can provide the guidance that a woman in business needs. A mentor can also introduce you to other women that can later become great partnerships.

Q. What final words do you want to share?


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