Produced in Greenwich Connecticut, “CATO: America’s Founding Drama” will premiere at the Ukraine Dream Film Festival in Odessa this October. CATO tells the story of the last day of Rome’s 500-year democracy – before Rome became an empire.

OLD GREENWICH, CT, October 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — George Washington famously staged the play at Valley Forge – during the darkest days of the American Revolution – to inspire his troops to stick it out for the cause. The play contrasts democracy and autocracy – and through its main character Cato, shows ideal democratic leadership traits.

Director James Thomas explains why Cato is so timely, “We are currently under a disinformation attack – attacking democracy abroad and at home – and a revival of this quintessential American play, allows us to get clear about republican values. Cato is a touchstone for every American. The play exists outside our current news dissonance. So, at a time when bipartisan tensions are pulling us apart, Cato pulls us together.”

The play was written by Joseph Addison in 1712 and tells the story of Cato’s Stoic resistance to Julius Caesar. Cato’s rhetoric and bravery made him an icon of republicanism, virtue, and liberty – so much so, that the play provided much of the fiery language used during the war of independence. The plot is a rich thriller – with scheming villains, sword duels, love triangles, and heroine abductions. But its most enduring quality is its dialogue about democracy.

The Ukrainian Dream Film Festival is dedicated to its heroic struggle for democracy. The Festival Director, Dima Kosygin, explains “Ukraine is currently the global focal point in the struggle for self-determination and we are very excited to bring attention to a drama that helped crystalize the American cause for independence. Cato is an intelligent play that captures the sacrifice needed for freedom.

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