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SAN DIEGO, CA, July 04, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Veronica Simon is a certified international life coach, facilitator, inspirational speaker and founder of the Lighthouse Coaching Program. She has a distinct passion for women and children and her candid style of communication encourages people to live life on purpose.

Veronica’s new book “Soul Engagement – A Personal Journey Of Engaging One’s Inner Self” reveals how anyone can bring more meaning into their life by making their pursuit PERSONAL!

Equally fascinating is Veronica’s approach in helping people work toward extraordinary goals and connecting with their inner self. “The more you begin to embrace the plans that the Lord has for you, the easier it will be for you to engage towards living YOUR life on purpose. This 40-day journey will start you on the path of unshackling yourself so that you may begin to truly tap into the power within” says Veronica.

This insightful and practical book is a guide toward helping you to light your path. The simple and practical 40-day journey will safely help navigate you to engage your inner self and reignite your spiritual connection. “Connecting with the Lord can help you embrace your full potential and you will discover a whole new perspective on life. If you feel disappointed and wonder if there’s something missing in life, I urge you to follow your soul’s guidance and reconnect to the real dimensions of your existence” – Veronica adds.

The 40-day soul searching journey will supercharge your spiritual connection with the Lord and assist you with experiencing HIS TRUTHS for yourself. “There is nothing that can stop you from living the most powerful and abundant life but YOU” – says Veronica. “I always tell my clients. If you want to increase your return; up your investment.”

Grab a copy of her book “Soul Engagement – A Personal Journey of Engaging One’s Inner Self” and be ready to put in the work towards your transformational engagement from the INSIDE-OUT! Empowerment is yours for the execution, the choice is SIMPLY YOURS to make.

Veronica Simon is a certified international, one of a kind empowerment coach. The CEO of By Design Coaching and Consulting Services, LLC and Mothers of Virtue Ministries, Inc which is her non-profit arm of paying it forward as the product of a teen mom to keep the light of HOPE Lit. Currently, she has a Bachelors in Pre-Law (Political Science) specializing in Leadership, Masters in Project Management specializing in Business/IT Mgmt, Agile certification, Domestic Violence & Child Trafficking Awareness/Facilitator certification and seeking to complete her pursuit of becoming a licensed counselor. Her coaching programs are inspired by her real life story. Veronica believes that you are free to be whom God predestined of you from your very design. And that you should purpose to EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE and BE AN ORIGINAL!

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