Independent Medical Facilities Are Positioned as the New Wealth Vehicles for Investors

CHARLESTON, SC, May 22, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Healthcare is big business, and business in SC is getting good for patients, doctors, investors and entrepreneurs. As the demand for quality healthcare continues to soar, and with the recent South Carolina repeal of Certificates of Need (CON), independent facilities are positioned as the next wealth vehicles, offering substantial returns to ALL while enhancing patient care, doctor satisfaction, and investor opportunity.

The repeal of CON law ushers in a new era of healthcare where patients, doctors, and investors alike thrive. Liberated from traditional hospital settings, patients now can access superior care at reduced costs. Meanwhile, investors are presented with a myriad of prospects, from specialized clinics like kidney stone centers, carpal tunnel centers, birth centers, to subscription pediatric services and concierge medicine to name a few.

What the CON Repeal Means for Investors

The Certificate of Need (CON) program, which has been in place for decades, required healthcare providers to obtain state approval before establishing or expanding certain healthcare facilities or services. In a historic move, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed into law the repeal of the CON program, marking a significant milestone in the state’s healthcare landscape. This repeal is the culmination of years of advocacy and debate, with proponents arguing that it will promote competition, innovation, and ultimately improve access to quality healthcare for South Carolinians.

Eliminating regulatory hurdles unlocks opportunities for investment in new facilities, innovative technologies, and expanded services beyond those owned by hospital systems with increased competition and flexibility, investors can explore diverse projects, fostering a more dynamic healthcare landscape. This repeal promises attractive investment prospects while improving access to quality care statewide.

Dr. Marcelo Hochman, a leading advocate in the healthcare industry and champion of the CON repeal, emphasizes the significance of this paradigm shift and the importance of seizing this monumental opportunity for change.

“This opportunity is an investment goldmine and game-changer for everyone involved – patients, doctors, and investors. Without being tied down to big hospitals, patients can now snag top-notch care at a fraction of the cost. And for investors? Well, the options are endless. Partnering independent ventures with investors represents a natural evolution in healthcare delivery. It allows us to synergize resources, expertise, and innovation to provide better care for patients and create more fulfilling environments for healthcare professionals. And the time to act is now.”

-Dr. Marcelo Hochman, President of IndeDocs, Founder of SC Healthcare Policy Forum

Independent facilities offer a unique investment proposition, combining the potential for substantial financial returns with the opportunity to make a tangible impact on healthcare outcomes. By leveraging capital from investors, these centers can enhance their infrastructure, technology, and services, ultimately improving patient access, experience, and outcomes.

Investors are increasingly recognizing the resilience and growth potential of the healthcare sector, particularly in non-hospital owned facilities. With demographic shifts, technological advancements, and evolving consumer demand for high quality, accessible, lower cost services offer a compelling investment opportunity.

“Partnering with investors enables independent practices to stay at the forefront of innovation, invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and attract top talent. This not only benefits patients by offering cutting-edge treatments and personalized care but also creates a supportive and rewarding environment for healthcare professionals.” -Dr. Hochman

The symbiotic relationship between investors and independent Doctors fosters a win-win scenario, where financial success aligns with increased access, improved healthcare outcomes and freedom of choice.

Recognized by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and ABC, Dr. Marcelo Hochman is a double Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, President of the Independent Doctors of South Carolina, Past President of the Charleston County Medical Society, and provides pro-bono care for children with vascular anomalies. He now champions legislative projects to exempt doctors from non-compete clauses as a condition of employment. He is also seeking tax reform that provides tax incentives for individual doctors who provide pro-bono charitable medical care. He can be reached directly at [email protected] for questions and interviews.

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