Helping customers get to a better financial state

DES PLAINES, IL, May 20, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — “If you’re a family with limited financial means—living paycheck to paycheck—and an unexpected expense arises, what are you going to do?” asks Nicole Horton, senior director of online services for online lender “What resources are available to you?

“You may not have savings to draw on, so what are your options?” she continues. “It would probably be difficult to secure a short-term, small-money loan from a bank or credit union. And many of the alternative lending options are very costly and might even end up putting you in a cycle of recurring debt from which it’s difficult to escape.

“This is the reality millions of American families face every day,” Nicole states. “But for Missouri consumers, there’s finally some good news. has commenced business in this state, and our innovative short term installment loan offers a lending solution that’s stacked in the customer’s favor.”

Many families lack financial stability

Savings provide a cushion that enables household budgets to accommodate unexpected expenses such as medical bills, surprise auto repairs or other unforeseen events. Yet nearly one in four U.S. households (22 percent) have no emergency savings, according to the 2024 Annual Emergency Savings Report from consumer financial services company Bankrate.

Almost 30 percent of American families have some emergency savings, but not enough to cover three months of expenses.

“For these millions of families,” says Nicole, “any unexpected expense can result in extreme financial stress.

“The short term installment loan was designed to meet the needs of these families,” she adds. “It helps customers build savings and move toward a better financial situation.”

Get Cash + Build Your Credit!SM

With the short term installment loan, Missouri customers can get funded for an installment loan up to $2,500, build savings and get the chance to build their credit history.

Customers can get approved within minutes of completing and submitting the brief installment loan application.

A portion of the funds can be deposited directly into the customer’s bank account the same day, providing the money to address their immediate needs.

Another portion of the funds is placed into the customer savings component. As the customer makes regular installment payments, their customer savings component builds.

Once the loan is paid off in full, the customer receives full access to the funds in the customer savings component.

Helping customers get to a better financial state

“When the short term installment loan is paid off in full,” says Nicole, “customers find themselves in a much better financial situation. They’re now better able to meet unexpected expenses without completely derailing their household budget.

“And with savings in place,” she adds, “they can continue their journey toward increased financial stability.”

Helping customers build a positive credit history

Another significant benefit of the short term installment loan is the opportunity for customers to build a positive credit history.

“As a customer makes regular installment payments,” says Nicole, “their payments are automatically reported to one of the leading credit bureaus, which gives them the chance to build their credit history. That will be very valuable when they buy a home or car, rent an apartment or apply for a job.

“Establishing a positive credit history is such an important benefit of our loan,” Nicole adds, “we put ‘credit’ right in our name.”

Online convenience and responsive customer service

Missouri customers can apply for the short term installment loan by visiting the website or by contacting a customer service representative at 888-800-8172.

“The entire team is looking forward to changing the game for consumers in Missouri,” concludes Nicole, “by offering a dependable lending solution that takes them to a better place.”

About is headquartered in suburban Chicago. The company gives Missouri customers a quick and easy way to build savings and get funded for an installment loan through a quick and simple online application process.

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