While there are no overall statistics on how many adults who get a prescription fail to take it as requested by their doctor, most studies indicate that the number is around 45 to 55 percent. In one recent survey of almost 77,000 adults, in three-quarters who received a prescription in the previous 12 months admitted they had not filled a prescription, skipped a dose, forgotten to take a drug, or taken less than the recommended amount. Of most concern are people with chronic diseases.   With the The Lock Watch you will be alarmed to take your medication and have it right at hand. Staying Healthy and safe is important to all of us.

One major study of medical records show 17,000 people who have had a heart attack found that only about 45 percent were still taking their prescription and placing them at risk. Many of our love ones skip taking their medication or leave it behind. With The Lock watch your medication is safe and always right at hand helping to prevent this risky mistake.

The consequences of prescription “non-compliance” can be serious if not fatal deadly. In one of the most thorough studies to date of 31,455 heart attack survivors aged 66 and older those who did not take their cholesterol lowering drugs as advised, or stopped taking them, had a 25 percent higher rate of death after just two and a half years.



Taking your medicines as directed may be one of the most important health decisions in your life. It may spare you discomfort, pain, disability, and unnecessary health care expenses. And could prolong your life — in some cases for many years.  The Lock Watch Was created to help you and your love ones stay in compliance to have a healthier life. Get yours today at www.thelockwatch.com or contact us at toll free 1-844-826-5392.