Today, Tricia Kaye Exman breaks ground again with an exciting new coaching model that hits the refresh button on coaching. Her model has received glowing testimonials of effectiveness and impact. Presence Coaching’s unique group coaching model creates a virtual space for like-minded individuals and a Life Strategist to take the journey together, setting the stage for multiplied results. They truly are ‘Pioneering Expeditions into Fearless, Brilliant, Limitless Living,’ as their mission declares!

Presence Coaching proudly announces the release of the latest addition to its Transformation Coaching portfolio: “EdenQuest” Groups. When something new arrives on the scene, descriptions often fall short. Exman’s work is the intersection of spirituality, social and emotional intelligence, and critical thinking, expressed in her own term, ‘Spiritual Psycholosophy.’ “My best attempt at describing it,” says Exman, “ is that it’s a bit like encountering C.S. Lewis, Brené Brown, and Dr. Caroline Leaf all together.”

Architecting transformation experiences are Exman’s signature. “It’s foundational to everything I do with Presence Coaching,” she states. “For individuals who don’t want to simply read about transformation as a concept or a process, but who are ready to truly transform, my aim is to guide them through the obstacles that get in the way of inside-out transformation, resulting in true growth and change at every level. Real results require a true experience of the process, not information. I architect the experience. The individual chooses to enter in.”

Beginning in 2013, WestBow Press proudly announced Exman’s ground-breaking non-fiction masterpiece, ‘Twisted Truths.’ This one-of-a-kind experience incorporates various multimedia sources to engage the reader beyond the book by having them encounter other types of medium for learning and contemplation, including Exman’s own 21-video EdenQuest series. Readers have declared it to be a life-changing read. Now with the launch of EdenQuest Groups, readers can engage the journey more intentionally with others.

With the launch of the Group Coaching platform joining Exman’s ‘Twisted Truths,’ and ‘EdenQuest’ video series, she continues to focus on doing what she does best, and in a unique way, changing lives through her dedicated work and committed methodologies.

Tricia Kaye Exman has over twenty years of experience in corporate roles that include Vice President of Global Project Management and Operations Director for small to mid-sized businesses, and as an Organization and Leadership Development Analyst with Lockheed Martin.

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