Would you prefer the best of the old or the best of the new? How about both? That’s what Steam Shower Store is offering with its new range of hybrid saunas

LANCASTER, ENGLAND, October 05, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Steam Shower Store Brings Hybrid Saunas To The UK

Would you prefer the best of the old or the best of the new? How about both? That’s what Steam Shower Store is offering with its new range of hybrid saunas.

What are hybrid saunas?

Hybrid saunas combine the features of traditional wet saunas with the features of modern infrared saunas. Essentially, they give you the option of two different wellness experiences in one compact package. In other words, they maximise the health benefits you get from the space you devote to your sauna.

Why you should have a wet sauna

You should have a wet sauna if you want the dual benefits of heat and steam. The heat of a sauna relaxes both the body and the mind. That means it encourages muscles and blood vessels to expand and joints to loosen. At the same time, it makes the heart work a little faster. The increased blood flow means that nutrients are delivered more quickly and toxins removed faster.

Meanwhile, the steam cleanses your body from the outside to the inside. Since the heat will have opened your pores, water molecules can get deep into your skin. That allows them to draw out ingrained dirt. Likewise, the heat will encourage your hair follicles to rise, allowing the steam to reach the shaft of your hair. Again, this allows it to deliver a deep-down cleanse.

There’s a reason why steam is hugely popular in the beauty industry. Its benefits, however, are far more than just skin deep. Steam can get down into the very tiny crevices in the lungs and clean them out. While it does so, its heat can help to soothe any irritation. This is why steam is such a popular and effective remedy for respiratory conditions.

Why you should have an infrared sauna

There are two reasons why you might want an infrared sauna. The most obvious one is that you don’t like steam. A less obvious one, however, is that infrared heat is very different from the heat in traditional saunas.

As Andrew Ellis, founder and CEO of Steam Shower Store, explains “The TLDR is that infrared heat can penetrate the body more deeply than the heat from traditional saunas. This means that it makes for a more effective heat treatment. Of course, you don’t get the benefit of the steam but not everybody wants that. Even if you do, there are other ways of getting it.”.

The fact that infrared heat penetrates the body more deeply means that infrared saunas can run at much lower temperatures than traditional wet saunas. Some people find this makes them more comfortable. It certainly means that most people can stay in infrared saunas for a lot longer than they can stay in wet saunas. This results in more effective treatments for certain conditions, for example, chronic pain.

Infrared saunas also tend to be more economical to run than wet saunas. This is because all the heat they generate goes into the body. None of it is wasted by heating the air

Why you should have a hybrid sauna

The obvious answer is the one already mentioned. Why limit yourself to one great option when you can have two? On a more serious note, having a hybrid sauna really does significantly increase your options for taking care of your health and wellness (both physical and mental).

For example, you may start off buying a sauna for general wellness but end up sharing it with family members and/or friends who have specific health issues they need to address. Alternatively, you could invest in a sauna to treat a health condition and then carry on using it for general wellness.

Whatever way you look at it, however, choice is always good. That’s exactly what Steam Shower Store delivers with its new range of hybrid saunas.

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