Boca Raton, FL, March 15, 2018 –(– TWB Innovations, LLC has positioned itself as a company that is bringing to market the most unique, useful, and innovative food service products imaginable.

In 2015, company founder Michael Houtkin was on a quest to find a new and unique product for his promotional products company. He met professional caterers Lois and Joe Leonard who had invented a product called the WindBlocker, a lightweight, sturdy, collapsible chafing stand. He became fascinated with the product and with the story regarding the trials and tribulations that Lois and Joe faced in trying to bring their product to market. Although the product was not suitable for the promotional products industry, Houtkin found an affinity with the Leonard’s and the WindBlocker.

Houtkin states, “I have looked at a lot of products in my career and I found myself really drawn-in by the functionality and design of the WindBlocker. Not to mention that Lois and Joe are really “salt-of-the-earth” people who you can’t help but love.”

Houtkin was so impressed by the product, that he decided to form a company around it, and production started just a few months later. Houtkin says, “Although bringing a new product to market is not for the ‘faint of heart,’ and most certainly fraught with challenges and obstacles, I have enjoyed every minute of it.”

Going back three years when TWB Innovations was conceived, it was never imagined that the company would establish itself so quickly in the food service industry, and with so many different entities. Since its founding, TWB has fostered relationships with caterers, restaurants, universities/colleges, schools, country clubs, food trucks, and distributors of all sizes.

Although the company started with one simple patented product (the WindBlocker Chafing Stand), the product has exceeded all sales expectations. Given such a fantastic following of food service professionals, the company decided that it was time to release the other products that have been undergoing refinement and testing.

As of February of 2018, the company launched the Get-a-Grip Detachable Food Service Pan Handles. The Handles make managing hot food pans easier, safer, and more sanitary…a must for every food service establishment that values employee safety and sanitary food pan handling.

The company also launched its disposable version of its WindBlocker Chafing Stand. For caterers who do unattended events, its possibly the best invention to come out in decades. The WB Disposable Chafers are perfect for tailgating, home buffets, restaurants, picnics or any other event that require a chafer. The chafers are ultra-lightweight, strong, fire retardant, and block the wind. They keep food warmer than open frame chafers, even in the most adverse conditions. The Chafers are disposable, recyclable or reusable.

These and other products were on display at the 2018 Cater Source Show and were incredibly well received.

About TWB Innovations
TWB was founded on the premise of finding and producing brilliant products that offer powerful solutions for food service professionals. The company is committed in keeping to this mission and is continuing to test and evaluate new and innovative products.

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