Are you looking for an alcohol treatment center in Georgia? You are lucky because this post is for you.

Not to be confused with the Republic of Georgia, Georgia is a state in the United States of America, often the name gets confused with Georgia country in Europe.

The capital of Georgia is Atlanta, a popular city in the United States and home to one of Americas great MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

Notable cities in this state include Roswell, Milton, Columbus, river dale, and Atlanta. A visit to Georgia will blow your mind with nature and wildlife at its best, and many architectures to feed your eyes. Away from the glamour’s of the state, Georgia has stolen many headlines for its laws, one of such is the law governing alcohol consumption.

Many states in America, pinned their official drinking age to 21, but not in Georgia. Teens are allowed to take alcohol, Teenage drinking is rampant in Georgia.

Not to worry, there are many treatment centers available to curb alcohol addiction.

  1. Talbott recovery.
  2. Palm house recovery center, Athens
  3. Grace Way recovery residence for women.
  4. Suspire health Hilton head
  5. Willing way


Known as the most populated city in Georgia, Atlanta is a place for many alcohol treatments center, one of such worthy of mentioning is Talbott recovery campus.

Talbott recovery is situated in two other locations apart from Atlanta, they provide treatment to individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Talbott treatment approach ranges from diagnoses to therapy, with a team of credible staffs dedicated to helping clients achieve their goal.

They use a holistic method towards recovery; issues treated in this center range from grief, medical detox, sexual addiction, substances abuse, trauma, PISD. This is a complex rehab center with many Areas being addressed.


Palm house is the place to go once you have decided to put an end to your case of addiction. It is a place for both men and women suffering from alcohol addiction, located in the ancient city of Athens.

They are always on hand to attend to the needs of clients. Their program and services include; group therapy, 12-step programs etc.

Clients are trained in how to take responsibility for their actions, as responsibility training is also offered here.


Grace way is a long-term inpatient recovery treatment center for women suffering from alcohol addiction. Just like most centers, they use the 12-steps and holistic treatment method towards each patient recovery. This foundation is not profit driven, their main purpose lies in providing women with tools that will implement wholesome long-term changes in their lives. This center is located in ably. They also provide aftercare and therapy programs among their list of treatment plans.


This facility specializes in alcohol and drug treatment, detox is a major part of their programs which includes both inpatient and outpatient. Their service extends to counseling and therapy.


This center uses a different treatment method for male and female with respect to gender difference. Their programs are carried out at different centers but with the same purpose.

Their facility is structured to aid addicted individuals to start their journey towards recovery, by providing a conducive environment for them.

Their inpatient programs are designed to meet the needs of people suffering from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, and loss. They also practice the traditional 12-step recovery method. Their inpatient programs attend to the basic need of individuals like food and shelter.


This is a standard and highly organized center which uses a technological base approach to recovery.

Before patients are admitted a thorough assessment is carried out, previous health records and challenges are crossed check. Their area of specialization is in intensive detox care.

Features of their programs include gender-specific issue, group therapy, relapse prevention and spiritual Upliftment.

Men and women programs are held at different centers in a bid to cater for their needs differently, with both centers specializing in both inpatient and outpatient program.

Programs are organized specially for adolescents suffering from substance abuse like alcohol, depression, anger and, anxiety. Their team of physicians is licensed, with their care extending to all age group.

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