Black men and women, older voters and those with and without a college degrees handed Hillary Clinton a crushing victory over Sen. Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday.

An exit poll conducted by Edison Research showed that Clinton dominated the South Carolina race in nearly every group polled.

Clinton won men and women in generally, won those age 30 and older, and won 70 percent  support from those who  said they saw themselves as conservative.

Sanders managed to win the support of two groups – young people, and those who see themselves as Independents. Young voters, ages 17-29, supported Sanders by  63 percent, compared to 37 percent for Clinton. Independents, of whom Sanders considers himself one, supported him 62 percent  to 37 percent for Clinton.

Both candidates now look toward Super Tuesday and a delegate-heavy slate of races. Clinton’s campaign has said it hopes the win will bode well for victory in other Southern states. Sanders has vowed to stay in the race and fight up until the Democratic National Convention.