Segmint’s Data Insights plus DeepTarget’s Engagement and Cross-Selling Platform Power Exceptional Digital Marketing Results for FIs

MADISON, AL, May 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, FinTech companies DeepTarget Inc. and Segmint, Inc. announced their collaboration to offer a powerful combination of Segmint’s Data Insights and DeepTarget’s enabling engagement and cross-selling platform. The combined solution is poised to drive significant performance and high impact for financial institutions who deploy the data-driven campaigns that result from this aggregation. With a joint mission to drive exceptional digital marketing results for financial institutions, the combined solution is both unique and innovative in the financial services industry. It provides banks and credit unions with the resources they need to compete more effectively for the mindshare and wallet share of their most profitable and valuable customers in a highly competitive and crowded market.

“We are very focused on helping financial institutions get the most out of data they already have,” said Nate Shahan, Co-Founder of Segmint, Inc. “Our mission is to help banks and credit unions easily understand and use their data for every strategic initiative. Maximizing returns from marketing investments is one of the many ways financial institutions benefit from activating their data. With this collaboration, we bring a new, never before seen level of precision and relevance to the communication and campaigns that financial institutions can deploy to their consumers. We are excited to bring this combined power to market, for the benefit of financial institutions of all sizes.”

Segmint’s Key Lifestyle Indicator® (KLI®) technology provides a standardized, normalized and actionable view of a financial institution’s data. KLIs are powerful customer insights that transform cryptic data into thousands of simple, descriptive data tags. Financial institutions are using KLIs to inform and deploy hundreds of data-driven initiatives around personalization, cross-sell/upsell, product utilization, customer onboarding, competitive intelligence and more. Segmint’s KLIs integrate with and enhance other technology investments like automated marketing, CRM, loyalty, business intelligence and others.

DeepTarget already helps hundreds of financial institutions increase the number of qualified product leads resulting in increased loan demand and other banking product adoption. Offering enhanced personalization capabilities, rule-based customer segmentation and targeting, and automated response and tracking tools, DeepTarget powers a banking enterprise with a single digital marketing platform used across channels such as online banking, mobile banking, email, and web marketing solutions.

This new collaboration provides a powerful combination of Segmint’s deep data insights combined with DeepTarget’s ability to simplify and deliver messaging when and where it counts most. Performance metrics then support the financial institution to continually optimize and maximize returns in the form of new accounts opened by consumers and users of digital channels – online banking, mobile banking, web and email.

“We are very excited to introduce Segmint’s Data Insights Platform to our customers and prospects. We have enabled numerous financial institutions to increase loan demand, raise product adoption, and make informed decisions through insightful metrics with our solutions,” said Jill Homan, President, DeepTarget Inc. “Using the Segmint data insights with DeepTarget catapults the ROI of data-driven marketing and messaging. The DeepTarget and Segmint combination enables marketers at banks and credit unions to better understand and use their data to deliver unique, personalized and precisely relevant messaging to individual consumers. This leads to service-focused digital experiences, decreased cost of sales, and better bottom line results.”

Ohio-based Segmint analyzes the complex, disparate data of a financial institution to return a powerful library of actionable customer insights. Segmint’s flexible and scalable architecture receives, maps and analyzes data in real time or batch. KLIs are dynamic, and are continuously created and enriched by new data and learnings.

By leveraging these KLIs with a simple, yet sophisticated customer engagement and cross-selling platform, DeepTarget helps financial institutions reap the benefits of highly relevant communications with customers through a multitude of digital channels.

Demonstrations, Pricing, & Availability
Segmint’s Data Insights Platform and the DeepTarget Customer Engagement Platform/ROI Analytics are available for demonstration and purchase by contacting us at [email protected].

About Segmint
Segmint empowers financial institutions and financial technology providers to easily understand and leverage data, interact with customers, and measure results. Derived from billions of transactions, Segmint provides the fastest and most accurate customer insights through advanced data tagging, categorization, and contextualization. Our insights enable all functions of an organization to inform strategies including competitive analysis, risk, marketing, customer experience, and product innovation.

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About DeepTarget Inc.
Today, hundreds of credit unions and banks across the country are using DeepTarget solutions. By automating the use of customer information, these intelligent cross-selling and customer engagement solutions deliver targeted product offers and pinpointed one-to-one messaging to millions of their banking customers. Digital channels such as mobile banking, online banking, web and email engage banking customers in a seamless communications experience, wherever, whenever and however they bank. Actionable analytics enable financial institutions to make informed decisions and drive measurable, positive result that drive success – in accelerating cross-selling, promoting product adoption, increasing loan demand and income. To see more proven successes, please visit the DeepTarget website.

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