APT212 is a platform where you can be as selective as you want and still choose from the quality and convenience that you deserve.

NEW YORK, NY, February 21, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — APT212 announces the launch of its platform for the New York real estate market.

APT212 is a platform where you can be as selective as you want and still choose from the quality and convenience that you deserve. From neighbourhood to amenities, everything is taken care of by APT212. In a big city like New York, finding the ideal home can be such a hassle. APT212 is committed to bringing all clients a stress-free experience. The website is user-friendly with all the information needed to make an easy decision.

APT212 only partners with landlords and property owners of quality. The unique and classy homes offered all meet strict specifications, including the report of accurate information about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, availability of housekeeping services, and accessibility to cable TV and Wi-Fi internet. At first glance, the site shows the most popular available rentals and everything they offer. With the information provided, you can make your choices with confidence. APT212 makes sure to cover even the minutest details, such as the provided electrical appliances, doorman services, dryer and dishwasher, and anything else that might affect the quality of your stay.

Helping you choose the right neighbourhood is also part of APT212’s service. APT212 works with customers to match their preferences with the appropriate neighbourhood, checking for things like neighbourhood density, ease-of-access to frequently visited areas, and availability of local shops and food. APT212 also provides additional information, so you can learn about and compare different neighbourhoods before you make a final decision.

APT212 cares deeply about the value it brings to your rental experience and finding the right price point is a big deal. You can browse the site for homes and apartments within your price range, and even see if there are any additional expenses or deposits. Furthermore, APT212 prides itself on reliable and communication between its tenants and landlords. The website has a very detailed and easy search function that allows customers to state their needs and preferences. This helps APT212 show only relevant listings that are great matches for that specific client. If you have questions, please view the FAQ section.

Otherwise, feel free to chat with APT212 live, either by a live chat, a phone call or by email to resolve any concerns. By choosing APT212 services, you dodge all the annoying parts of the rental process. Most sites list apartments and connect you to landlords, but they can’t guarantee the quality of your experience with either the housing or even the landlord. APT212 vets out any properties or landlords that don’t meet our high standards, so you never have to worry that you’re getting anything but the best. APT212 has homes located across Manhattan’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Plus, APT212 boasts superior reliability by working primarily with local booking agents and allowing direct communication for secure online booking.

It’s reasonable and all too common to fear giving out your information online. However, APT212 ensures that not only is your booking process secure but that it’s also a streamlined, minimal paperwork experience.

There are also other technicalities to be taken care of other than rent and payments.
1. How to extend your stay?
2. How many guests can a decent-sized home accommodate?
3. Are the homes cleaned and furnished?
4. What are the policies for the refundable security deposit?
5. Is your data secure?

APT212 is with you each step of the way. The site FAQ will answer most of these questions, and you can direct more specific issues toward the chat service. That said, you should know that APT212 allows booking for a 30-day stay or longer, and that stay can be extended by contacting your landlord. You can also notify APT212 about the number of guests intending to stay, and they will work with you to see if that rental is suitable.

APT212’s greatest strength is that it is a New York born-and-bred marketplace. It utilizes a unique understanding of the market and the city to provide only the best furnished, well-maintained, and clean apartments, sublets, and short-term rentals – the perfect solution to your New York rental woes.

APT212’s on-the-ground experts know New York City real estate like no one else. Licensed, Manhattan-savvy and multilingual agents are always working out the best deals for your needs. Search for your ideal apartment in the area of your choice by getting in touch with our agents. You can also just browse the recent listings and make a choice for yourself.

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