The PolAccess, Inc. Not-For-Profit Platform is Disrupting the U.S. Political Scene by Allowing Ordinary Individuals to Run for Office on a Shoestring Budget & Question Elected Officials
NEW YORK, NY, May 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, PolAccess, Inc., a New York-based “Making the Voter the Boss” facilitator, has confirmed that it has officially launched its user-friendly not-for-profit website. It permits everyday Americans to run for office and ask hard questions of their elected representatives.’s target audience is verified users across the United States who want answers from politicians. Citizens who have become fed up with the system and who feel like affordably running for office without big campaign budgets behind them can do so for as little as $50 per month. A number of eager new political candidates have already availed of the service.

With ease of access to the platform a priority, every U.S. cell phone owner can easily register to ask a question for free. Interestingly, the website will soon host much-anticipated Moderated Video Debates with real-time fact checking for all 500,000 political races. Invented by a Mathematician and U.S. National Chess Champion, cleverly circumvents an outdated process and makes accessing elected officials and running for office the easiest system of its kind voters can experience in the United States. The website also stands out by permitting users to input their address and instantly find their locals representatives. In a next-generation leap, voters can ask direct questions in a number of formats including text, videos, images, and links. All of this can be achieved while wielding the power of Social Media where all of the content can be shared.

Run via website statistics, Upvote maps will also show politicians the areas where constituents who are asking questions reside. In keeping with the not-for-profit nature of the service, politicians can respond and engage with users at no charge. “ was born out of my own personal frustration with local politicians. I actively contacted elected representatives across the State of New York regarding prison reform and social justice,” expressed, Daniel Gray, Director, PolAccess, Inc. “After getting brushed off multiple times, I realized I needed a brand new approach – I needed to run for office myself and encourage others to do so as well.”

“Now, anyone, from any walk of life, can run for office too should a politician choose to avoid their questions. The platform is bringing a new form of public accountability to bare. Importantly, ordinary people like me can have their voices heard without the need to go to a town hall meeting and battle to be heard. When I discovered that Congress was in recess and most of our politicians refused to hold a town hall – I felt compelled to launch. In fact, the only way to get money out of politics is if ordinary people can run for office and win on a shoestring budget.” An Endorsements that Count feature is also on the way where users will be able to share who they endorse as a candidate with the world via Social Networks.

Since 2016, PolAccess, Inc., Making the Voter the Boss, and its team of dedicated technical professionals and Board Members have been developing a new donations-powered hub for people to reach out to their local elected officials. Now live, explore our website, run for office yourself, or make a tax-deductible donation by visiting:

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