In recent times close to a dozen Saints are facing conviction and hostility in some form or the other. We know about BapuAsaram, Rampal and Baba Ram Rahim. but apart from these almost a dozen more saints are behind bars, who are not with huge following as the above babas. Swami Nityanand for instance, was facing same scenario a couple of years back. Then we have heard of “computer baba” who was gaining a strong foothold in Rajasthan and scared authorities, probably had to take action, to stop before its too late , or “DaatiMaharaj” a couple of months back, with similar, background, facing similar charges.

What is surprising is, most of these babas have been levied charges of rape or sexual molestation. Now, a question emerges, are these so called babas of such low grade mentality, that their mindsets are lower than common people. What is the biggest point, not considered by our “very educated & advanced” society is, their followers. Are the followers of these babas with absolute zero common-sense. Millions, not resorting to common sense, gut feeling, or keeping their brains out and being “AndhBhakts”? is it really possible? Or these babas are kept out of the system on purpose, by vested interests.

Here, is a scenario, we all know, the biggest of these babas, in terms of following, is Baba Ram Rahim, with a following of whopping 60 millions. He has been changing the face of society, since last 2 decades. What started off as Anti drugs, anti intoxicants, and female foeticide crusade, spread to almost every segment, even launching organic products. With 4-5 lakh people giving up alcoholism, drugs, and various other intoxicants, Pan, Supari, Gutkha, etc. in their monthly satsangs, this baba was surely a hit amongst his followers. And this, particular activity, was affecting, these businesses like crazy. Apart from these, every month, lacs of followers participated in Blood donation, Tree plantation, cleanliness, awareness campaigns having a huge impact on society.

Now, an army of volunteers working towards clean cities, Tree plantation, blood donation, can create so much impact on the Society and with the man behind the bars, are we not setting a bad example, in terms of not only, putting a stop to all these activities, but also discouraging so many others, who would have come forward seeing this man, with his followers. So, we see, a roadblock in so many activities, which were conducted, at a huge scale, thanks to Baba Ram Rahim, with humongous following. Other Babas’ followers too, involved in all noble activities, facing the same fate, and here, the nation is facing a hit back, more than any one else. Asaram for instance, was getting popular by day and giving, tough competition to rampant conversion, happening in Gujarat. Putting him behind the bars, may have put the entire region back into the clutches, of conversion, poverty, ignorance etc.
It’s high time, we respect our culture and give due respect to our Saints, for which our country is highly regarded world over. And we are about to break that same tradition of Gurus and true disciples, following a trend, a wave that is about to destroy century old, system in place.

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