Q. Tell us a little about you?

I am Cheryl Peavy, best- selling author, speaker and transformation technician. I help young girls and women identify who they are after tragedy happens in their life. I am a mom to a wonderful young man. I love to read and write. I am CEO and founder of She Is You I Am You And He Is For You Facebook Groups. I am a contributing writer for Thrive Global and Miz CEO Entrepreneurial Magazine.

Q. How many businesses do you have? And what are they?

I have one business. It’s called Power Perseverance Peavy, LLC

Q. What made you want to become an Entrepreneur?

I felt that something was missing in my life. That my 9-5 job wasn’t enough. I experienced a tragedy of losing my mother and grandmother two weeks apart. That experience caused a light bulb to go off inside me. God showed me that my many obstacles that I have experienced is not for me. But, to help women know they are. It alone and that I can help them live after tragedies and win in life. With the help of God, I was shown my purpose and have followed His direction for becoming an entrepreneur.

Q. What has been your greatest challenge as an Entrepreneur?

My greatest challenge has been my self criticism. I hold myself to higher standard and haven’t always given myself grace when needed in walking in this journey of entrepreneurship. You have to allow yourself, as well as forgive yourself for mistakes that will be made. But you take those mistakes and learn the lesson and become smarter and better.

Q. Tell us something no one knows you like?? (Something funny and Exciting)

I am very, I mean very clumsy. Have you ever walked into a public place and all eyes turn and look at you and you trip over your own feet? I have done that many times. Embarrassing I know but the funny part is trying to act like you meant to do that is crazy.

Q. What advise do you have for wives that want to become an Entrepreneur?

First and foremost pray and ask God if this is for you to do. If so, then ask Him to lead and guide you. Your husband needs to be on board with you. Not for his approval but you need to make sure this will not cause issues in your marriage. You need encouragement, love and support. What better person can give a wife this.

Q. What direction do you feel that we as women in business can do to continue to trailblaze for the next generation of women in business?

Stay true to who you are. Women who are in need of help, wanting to learn and grow only relate to authenticity. Share your obstacles to help others relate to you on more of a personal level. It is important women teach the younger girls to love themselves. To know that they are special, they matter, their voices matters and they are here to help others.

Q. What exciting project are you working on?

I am working on a Conference and a very special project that can’t be revealed yet.

Q. What final words do you want to share?Be Real! Be Authentic!

Be you!!