A fun educational game for our little ones to learn about the world’s diverse wildlife, and fall in love with our planet
LOS ANGELES, CA, May 18, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Readnlearn company, which specialises in kids’ apps, launched today on Indiegogo “Curious Wings: Endangered Species,” the first game of a series that teaches kids about the world’s diverse wildlife and how to protect it.

According to low estimates from WWF, “…between 200 and 2,000 extinctions occur every year…” To reverse this trend, we need to do more than protect the ecosystem today, we need to get our kids to fall in love with our planet! Future adults need to care about the environment and be able to handle the problems it faces constructively.

That’s where “Curious Wings” comes in! Besides donating 5% of its earnings to WWF, it will…
– Hold kids’ attention, and spark their curiosity about our planet and the environment.
– Educate kids about Endangered Species, and help them understand that we must all work together to solve the problem.
– Boost their confidence, and build their self-esteem through goal achievement and a great reward system.
– Let’s not forget about fun! The app will be an exciting and fun learning experience for kids of all ages!

It all started last summer as Aris Karavias (founder of ReadnLearn) said: “We first came up with the idea of “Curious Wings” when we saw how our kids reacted when we visited “Arktouros Wildlife Conservation Camp” in Nimfaion, Greece. Visiting the animals, and talking to the staff was really moving. Coming home, we decided to build a game that would not only be fun and educational, but also impassion kids to protect our planet.”

“Curious Wings” will be packed with over 120 levels of fun with animals. It will feature five evergreen mini games, curated informational videos, and actions kids will need take to protect the ecosystem!
– Mini games: A fun endless runner, spelling, memory, colouring, and puzzle.
– 5 Different tokens to collect and play mini games, build National Parks, and take actions to protect animals.

Our team has over 35 years of experience, creating educational products for kids, and has worked with leading enterprises, like Disney, Nestle, Warner, and others. 5 years ago, we started creating educational apps and, since then, we have launched over 60 educational apps with over 2 million downloads, 2500+ stellar reviews that have been ranked in 100+ Countries. appndesign.com, ReadnLearn.com

Check out “Curious Wings: Endangered Species” ReadnLearn.com/CuriousWings/.
Press Kit: ReadnLearn.com/CuriousWings/Press-Kit/

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