Ashley Ann has definitely made a name for herself in the world of sales! She is the go-to-person when your business is at a stand still and/or you need to see increase it! She is the real definition of hard worker, consistent, and bad-ass-ness all wrapped up in one! We chatted it up with this Queen. Here’s what she had to say….

Q: Tell us about your businesses?
Ashley Ann: I have a lot of hustles, but the two businesses that I dedicate the majority of my time and energy to are Ashley Ann Speaks and Events by Ashley Ann. They both allow me to participate in manifestation on a constant basis.

When it comes to Ashley Ann Speaks I really enjoy helping clients organize their thoughts, build strategies, and systems. It is exciting to watch people accomplish things they never thought they could achieve, or assist a client in realizing something they have been attempting for years.

With the consulting business I do a lot of ads training, funnel construction, consulting on product creation, helping clients define audiences, teaching content curation, systems, self investment, sales training, scaling, expedited social media growth, ads management and helping my clients gain confidence.

Q: What is the greatest lesson that you have learned in business?
Ashley Ann: Trust my instincts. God gave them to me for a reason. Anytime I have gone against them I have paid very expensive prices. So now I trust my instincts and focus on what I want to create. I don’t spend too much time anymore fighting again things or people.

Q: What does it take to have a successful business?
Ashley Ann: Endurance, consistency, flexible systems, learning your target audience, and having a desire to serve them. You need to show up everyday and learn the power of compounded results. I think people sometimes get caught up looking for a big win, and a lot of time big wins are a series of small triumphs that happen day to day. You have to learn to be repetitive because your business is always growing, and finally be where your customers are. If you learn to target you will grow much faster than you ever anticipated.

Connect with Ashley Ann:
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