Florida For Export, Inc. has successfully partnered with Amazon to bring Prime Service to Kazakhstan customers, making it incredibly easy to ship packages to Kazakhstan. As of December 1st it’s now possible to mail eligible Amazon Prime Products or any other package to Kazakhstan for a flat rate, based on the actual weight of the package. With the cost of shipping starting as low as $2, this service will be a boon to U.S. businesses.

Florida For Export is based in Sarasota, Florida, and Amazon Prime Products will be consolidated and shipped directly from the Ruskin Fulfillment Center. The company has offices in all the major towns and cities of Kazakhstan. Having been in the business of packing and shipping since 2006, they are well qualified and experienced.

Florida For Export

They are partnered with both State Postal Services and Internet Associations in KZ. What makes this service even more valuable is that customs and duties are all arranged, and customer support is available around the clock. The company also guarantees that there will be no fraud, and that all customers will be verified.

Shipments take 5 days to deliver and are 100% insured. Florida For Export also eliminates over-packaging and ships products in light plastic bags without use of cardboard.

A new service that will no doubt be welcomed by more than a few U.S. companies!