In December 2017, Bonita Parkerwas diagnosed with Stage IV Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer. For those who are familiar with the diagnosis, you understand the severity of it. For those who may not know, triple negative is considered the “uncurable cancer” – it’s said to be terminal. However, this woman was determined to walk by faith and not by sight! Bonita is a fighter! And because of her fight, her faith, and her unwavering stance, she has went on to do incredible things! Let’s learn about this ah-mazing woman!

Q. Tell us a little about you?

I am a proud mother of 2 / supportive and loving spouse / and loyal friend

I am a Certified Life & Radical Success Coach / International Bestselling Author / Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor

On a daily basis, I am passionate about motivating and inspiring women to uncover their true passion and with over 12 years in the business coaching realm, I teach them proven business strategies to turn that passion into profits and bankroll their bank accounts so that they can live the life of their dreams. My goal is to shift them to a place where they can feel comfortable in their transparency, walk in their authenticity, and prepare them for full circle abundance.

Q. What made you want to become an Entrepreneur?

I have always had what I like to call a “boss mentality”. So I knew early in life (in my early 20’s) that I was not cut out for or meant to work a traditional 9 to 5 job. My personality wouldn’t allow it. I’m a creative … an innovator … I think a lot … and oftentimes these traits didn’t go over well in corporate America. I struggled with operating within a “dictatorship” and never liked having someone else control my time, money and destiny. I didn’t come from a family where entrepreneurship was the “thing” to do. We were taught to go to school, graduate and get a good paying job – that’s it! LOL And having a JOB just didn’t give me the fulfillment that I needed. I wanted more for myself and I needed to be in control over my own success.

Q. What direction do you feel that we as women in business can do to continue to trailblaze for the next generation of women in business?

Great question! Without a doubt, I believe that mentorship and the exchange of resources and information is where we pave the way for the next generation of women in business. Entrepreneurship is not easy and it can be challenging but if you have someone working alongside you – someone seasoned who can show you the ropes and give you insight, it will make a world of difference. We were all at some point in a place where we have the desire but not the know-how and I believe a great portion of this can be mitigated through the proper mentorship.

Q. What exciting project are you working on?

I have several things coming down the pike that has me revved up – but in particular, I am in the process of planning my inaugural Pink Pumps & Pearls Breast Cancer Gala to officially launch my foundation and to roll out the initiatives that will help women and men living with breast cancer. I’ll also be honoring survivors, current warriors and caregivers at this event. So I’m uber excited about that. This is what I’m here for – to make massive impact on a global level. This gets me excited.

I am also working on and preparing to launch my 4th anthology book where I’ll be sharing some very intimate details surrounding my fight with terminal breast cancer. And finally on the strictly business realm, I will be launching my first membership Mastermind for entrepreneurs. All coming soon!

Anyone interested in that opportunity can download the board application from the website or send an email to: [email protected] .