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MURREN, SWITZERLAND, August 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — 28 years ago Netscape released Lou Montulli’s invention of online cookies. 2023 will be when cookies start to disappear. This is an auspicious time to launch Daily Fintech’s contextual advertising privacy-first self service auction system. 

All we know about you is that you are interested in the information on the page you are reading. We do not know whether you are a poor student or control vast fortunes; we also do not know your age, sex, location or anything else about you.

This would not have been worth remarking on before surveillance advertising (more politely referred to as targeted advertising or behavioural marketing) became the online norm.

The market will determine the price ie you will bid against others who want the same space. You do this all online without the need to speak to an advertising sales rep at our company or a network/agency, so that we can keep prices low.

We created a contextual advertising system based on a belief that surveillance advertising is in trouble for four reasons:

1. more people are using ad-blockers or just ignoring ads because they don’t like the time-waste and privacy-invasion.

2. regulators are trying to protect those people by stopping tracking from cookies.

3. browser vendors such as Google/Chrome, Apple/Safari and  Mozilla/Firefox are trying to win those customers by dropping support for third-party cookies.

4. advertisers have been hurt by lots of fake bot traffic.

Win/win is the mantra of Daily Fintech’s contextual advertising privacy-first self service auction system; readers see relevant content while being anonymous and advertisers get engagement with those readers at a reasonable price.

That is why Daily Fintech created this privacy-first self contextual advertising auction system for niche publishing.

The first page where you can buy an advertisement is on the Fintech 50 Index.

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